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 Newsletter no 1- 2023

The Executive Committée met on the 2nd of February and could welcome the Sovereign Grand Master Michelle Heckart and the Sovereign Grand Secretary  Terry L. Barrett to Copenhagen and the Odd Fellow Palae. They  joined  for lunch and talks whereafter there was a guided tour all around the Palae during a couple of hours.

The next day, Friday the 3rd of February, the Board of Grand Sires ( BGS) and the Executive Committée met together with our guests.

The main topics were:

  1. The GLE meeting in Wroclaw 12th-14th of May 2023

Information and programme has been sent to each jurisdiction from the Polish steering committée. The Executive Committée has sent out applications for the degree of Wisdom to the jurisdictions and 115 has applied for the Degree of Wisdom this far. Each participant – applicants, spouces and other grand officers have to register by the Polish steering comm. according to information sent out.

  1. European Youth Tour- 2023

The tour will be conducted July 21st - July 29th in Iceland and New York with about 34 participants of whom one is from Canada.

  1. Report from Ukraine

OF4UKR is the official name of the aid distributed via the Polish Grand Lodge.

There is a dynamic support group in Poland which is in constant contact with the Ukranian brothers. The support consists of material assistance, financial support and care for refugees in Poland. This far around 700.000 Euros have reached OF4UKR.

They pay great attention to see that the help comes into right hands. For example they have rented a warehouse in Lviv where they store for long term food, medical aid etc.

They have a number of transport cars, ambulance and spareparts. There is also electronic devices and material for tele comunication. This year they have pulled up 30 Aid Tents in different parts of Ukraine where it is warm and electronic devices as mobiles can be loaded. The OF Club in Lviv has today 46 brothers and a lodge under Poland will be inaugurated in June 2023.

  1. Orientation about the situation in the SGL

There was a discussion about similarities and differences between the SGL and the  GLE. We all agreed upon the importance that we work together for the best of the  Odd Fellow Order worldwide. We planned together the meeting in the International Advisory Board where we will discuss matters of interest for the development of             the Odd Fellow Order.


  1. Meeting plan

            2023  Extra Grand Lodge Meeting with the Degree of Wisdom in Wroclaw

                      May 12th –14 th

          SGL meeting and meeting in International Advisory Board in Des Moines, Iowa

          BGS meeting November 9th-10th

2024  BGS meeting February 2nd- 3rd

          12 th Annual Meeting in Berlin May 24th-26th

          SGL meeting in Pittsburg

2026  Annual meeting in Sweden

2028  Annual meeting in Finland

2030  Annual meeting in Norway

2032  Annual meeting in the Netherlands

2034  Annual meeting in Denmark       


With sisterly and fraternal greetings in

Friendship Love and Truth


           Morten Buan                                                                                           Christina Jönsson Rydman

      European Grand Sire                                                                                   European Grand Secretary