Newsletter no 1 - 2024

The Executive Committée and the Board of Grand Sires met February the 1st-2nd and as usual in Copengen.
Apart from information concerning the Annual meeting ( see below) the Grand Sires shortly reported from their Jurisdictions. Common for all of them is the question ” How to reqruite new members and above all how keep those we have ”. Different ideas have been tested but important and interesting is the fact that our Rituals are important to keep as they are and the younger generation doesn´t want them to loose stringense and proper language.
The Annual meeting in Berlin June 6th-9th 2024.
The registration window closes on the 15th of February. Today 231 persons are registered
and among them 69 Applicants for the Degree of Wisdom. We have recently been informed that the SGL will be represented by SGM John S. Cupp and his wife Emilie (PGM), PSGM Michelle Heckart and SGL Secr. Terry Barrett.
There will be some interesting seminars: Recruitment – strengthening and expansion. Can AI be used within our Order? Communication and use of internet; Rituals and Youth Tour.
The youth Tour Conference in Helsinki was held in November with follow up from last years Tour and planning for 2024. The Tour will be performed July the 19th - July the 26th. New this year is that it will start and end in Keflavik. The goal is a wish to join UN and OF-ship.There will be 40 participants – 34 young people and 6 leaders. Canada likes the European programme and will send 1 participant.
Upcoming meetings
2024 Grand Lodge meeting in Sweden May 31st-June 2nd
SGL meeting in Pittsburg/ Pennsylvania August
Grand Lodge meeting in Denmark November
Rebekah Assembly meeting in Finland November
2025 Grand Lodge meeting in Finland February
Grand Lodge meeting in Netherlands/ Belgium april
2026 GLE Annual meeting in Stockholm May ( 2028 Helsinki; 2030 Trondheim)

With fraternal and sisterly greetings in
Friendship Love Truth
Morten Buan                                                                                                         Christina J. Rydman
European Grand Sire                                                                                          European Grand Secretary