GLE meeting in Oslo 2017

Invitation to the meeting in The Grand Lodge of Europe IOOF in Oslo May 19th to 21st 2017.

Dear Grand Sires,

The Independent Grand Lodge of Norway IOOF has the pleasure of inviting you and other participants from your jurisdiction to take part in the 9th Grand Lodge meeting in the Grand Lodge of Europe IOOF in the Odd Fellow house, Stortingsgaten 28, Oslo, during the days May 19th to 21st 2017.

Please note!

The charges of the individual participants will be invoiced by the Independent Grand Lodge of Norway to each participating Grand Lodge, which will then send the invoice to all individual participants in its jurisdiction.

Award of the Degree of Wisdom is an important part of the meeting.

The degree and insignia of The Degree of Wisdom cost  EUR 85,00 pr person and will be invoiced by the European Grand Treasurer to each participating Grand Lodge at a later time.

Programme for the meeting is enclosed as enclosure no. 1.


The form must be filled in by each individual participant (the Officers of GLE, recipients of the Degree of Wisdom, eligible delegates, presidents of the committees, accountants, other participants et cetera).

Each Grand Lodge receives these entry forms, control that they are correctly filled in and e-mail them to the Grand Lodge of Norway before March 1st 2017;

Please advise whether anyone requires a special diet - if possible with relevant information.

Information on reserved hotels is enclosed as enclosure no. 3

Please e-mail all entry forms and enclosures before March 1st 2017 to


Brotherly greetings in

Friendship, Love and Truth

Morten Buan

Grand Sire

Svanhild Sandem                                                                                         Steinar Jansen

Str. Grand Secretary                                                                                     Br. Grand Secretary